Welcome a to the World Peace Foundation (WPF) website - www.youthforworldpeace.com.  You have not arrived here by accident.  Your interest in and desire for peace is echoed by millions of people around the globe, yet it (peace) remains illusive.

The WPF has existed as a non-profit organization since 1992.  We are headquartered in a small city in Louisiana, but the scope of our programs have been devised to be global.  Most of our efforts have gone into research and development of alternative strategies for achieving world peace.  Rallies, prayer vigils, and academic approaches have all been successful to a point, but something new and unexpected is needed.

We, at the WPF, further believe that sustained peace is a by-product of LOVE and that it (peace) is closely interwoven with TRUTH.  We contend that there can be no outer peace without inner peace.  With this trinity, all things are possible and real FREEDOM will reign.  Our long lost gifts will be restored and we can travel the heavens again.

For this reason the programs of the WPF have a space or celestial theme.  We have no one religious, political, national, civic, or social affiliation.  We are NOT a cult.  We seek to unify all people and all things.

MISSION                             a

Our mission is to model the philosophy set forth above by building love communities around the globe.  Our programs are youth-centered because kids need to see the peacemaker as a very viable and appealing hero who is greater than the warrior.

The world is a mess and children need a sense of PURPOSE.  The WPF gives young people a purpose - to clean up the mess.  Our programs give youth a means of being in this world, making it whole and new and transcending its boundaries as world citizens and eventually space travelers.


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