Masters of the Universe (MU) .

The Masters of the Universe is the jewel of the Foundation.  A challenging adventure awaits youngsters 10-20 years of age who want a service learning experience.  Children will take a creative journey through the multicultural interdisciplinary, fun-filled Molecule of Life designed to improve self-identity and awareness of the diversity that exists in this world and the role of the peace-maker in the growth of the Universe.

The Global Scholars Program                     .

The Global Scholars Program was originally designed as a Service Learning Experience for students in higher education.  It has been expanded to include any person over the age of 18 who provides their expertise to the Masters of the Universe program.  An informal curriculum has been developed to expose Global Scholars to concepts and techniques of community building and to provide them with diverse opportunities for practicing the art.

.Starbase One

Starbase One carries the space theme into individual communities where the Masters of the Universe live.  It is both a facility and an outreach effort stressing the Three Rs - Recruitment, Resources, and Respite.  A mechanism will also be developed to enhance the Traditional Three Rs of the Masters.

Each Starbase will be unique.  It will have its own name, structural features, and community involvement.  There is potential for hundreds of Starbase Ones throughout this country and abroad.

.The Harvest for the World             .

The Harvest for the World is envisioned as a coordinated effort by many groups to provide food, medicine, tools, gifts, and other surprises to the needy in the world, particularly children.  We will use the findings of the United Nations and other sources as a guide and will divide the globe into sectors based on latitude and longitude for a specific needs analysis.  It will be the Masters of the Universe, assisted by Global Scholars, who will provide the necessary items that are unique to the culture of the people involved.